The amazing made in Italy stretch fabric made of recycled materials

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I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own

Andy Warhol

Respect for the environment is a serious thing

Respect for the environment is a serious thing. It’s not just a slogan and has nothing to do with marketing. It’s a vocation – not an obligation – which requires a serious approach to environment.

TAIANA has always strived for the development of eco-friendly fabrics achiving challenging targets for a more eco-friendly future and an environmental commitment, moving away from marketing gimmicks.
The result of this philosophy is the new project from TAIANA called RELYFE which is a further step towards the circular economy.

RELYFE is not only a range of fabrics of new generation but it’s also a pioneering project that leads the way to a revolutionary idea of recycling a product of excellence.

In short, RELYFE tells the story of an Italian excellence that has been working respecting the environment since 1933. It tells the story of a company born in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, well aware of being eco-friendly. A story that roots back to the ancient passion for the environment that has always distinguished the Como Lake region.


Yoga represents the ultimate innovation in terms of sustainability among stretchable fabrics. In fact, it’s not only made with a mere recycled polyester, but it’s created with the elastic portion of a recycled yarn.

Yoga is studied, designed and produced in Italy, respecting the strictest eco-friendly targets.

Yoga is a “4-way stretch” fabric for a comfort without compromise, it’ very elastic and its stretchness lasts for the entire life of the garment. It is as thin as a second skin and it’s UVA / UVB protective. It has a silky hand feel and it’s resistant to chlorinated and sea water.

YOGA key features

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester- Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy
  • 4-way stretch fabric – for maximum comfort and fit
  • The elasticity woven remains constant throughout the life of the head
  • Extremely thin – only 0.4mm for a second skin
  • UVA / UVB – UPF 30 protective
  • Microfiber structure for a silky hand-feel
  • Easy drying – thanks to the specific structure, it dries very quickly
  • Hi-Modulus – for a pleasant feeling of support and slimming effect
  • Studied to be used also in chlorinated swimming pool and SPA

YOGA has two cores: SILK and SPORT

Yoga Silk
suitable for Fashionable athletic-wear as well as for glamor beachwear. Designed for the most innovative brands, it’s a connection between tradition and future.

Yoga Sport
developed for active sports, specifically for swimming, it’s treated with Lot’o’Dry DWR for a super quick drying. Dedicated to the growing world of fitness, ranging from daily sport activity to extreme sports.